2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Geology, Mapping and Remote Sensing (IEEE-ICGMRS 2022)
Assoc. Prof. Zhenwei Guo

Assoc. Prof. Zhenwei Guo


Assoc. Prof. Zhenwei Guo

Central South University

Zhenwei Guo, Associate Professor, Doctoral Advisor, Yangtze River Scholar. He received his Ph.D. from Norwegian University of Science and Technology, and then engaged in the research of marine electromagnetic method in geophysics. Currently, Prof. Guo has held several positions such as Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of the School of Geosciences and Info-Physics, Central South University, Member of the Professional Committee on Marine Geophysics of Chinese Geophysical Society, Member of Central South University Committee of China Zhigong Party, Member of Special Committee on Science, Technology and Intellectual Property of China Zhigong Party, as well as Member of SEG China. He is also the First Young Editorial Board Member of the Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals (both Chinese and English versions) and the Lead Guest Editor of Journal of Applied Geophysics. Prof. Guo has received many awards, including four First Prize of Science and Technology Progress Award under the Ministry of Education, China, and presided over 8 projects supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China, such as the General Program and the Youth Program. Besides, he has also published a series of scientific papers in the field of geophysical exploration, and obtained 10 national authorized invention patents, some of which have been converted into industrial solutions.

郭振威 副教授


郭振威, 副教授,博士生导师,青年长江学者,博士毕业于挪威科技大学,从事地球物理学海洋电磁法研究。担任中南大学青年科协地信院分会副主席兼秘书长、中国地球物理学会海洋地球物理专业委员会委员、致公党中南大学委员会委员、致公党科技与知识产权专委会、SEG中国指导委员会委员,《中国有色金属学报》(中、英文版)首届青年编委,《Journal of Applied Geophysics》 Lead Guest Editor。曾获教育部科技进步一等奖等奖励4项,主持国家自然科学基金面上项目、青年项目等8项,在地球物理勘探领域发表一系列的科技学术论文,获得国家授权发明专利10项,部分成果获得转化。