2024 5th International Conference on Geology, Mapping and Remote Sensing (ICGMRS 2024)
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The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Geography & Geology

· Geological Applications of Remote Sensing

· Geological Information

· Drones Systems and Geological, Mapping and Remote Sensing Applications

· Remote Sensing Applications on Geographical Environment, Geology, Geotechnical Engineering, Geomechanics, Geomorphology, Mineral and Energy Resources Exploration, etc.

· Remote Sensing Interpretation of Geological Structure/Tectonic Evolution

Surveying & Mapping

· Surveying and Mapping

· Marine Mapping

· General Measurement

· Photogrammetry

· Geodetic Survey

· Hydrological Survey

· Cadastral Survey

· Mine Survey

· Engineering Survey

· Gravity Measurement

· Aerial Photogrammetry

· Cartography

· City Brains, Smart Oceans and Digital Earth

· Computer Graphics

· Graphic Image Copy Technology

· Sensor Technology

· Mapping Technology

· Surveying and Mapping Instruments

· Archeological Mapping

Remote Sensing

· Theories, Techniques and Methods related to Surveying, Mapping, Navigation and Oblique Photography

· Remote Sensing

· Optical Remote Sensing

· Microwave Remote Sensing

· Remote Sensing of Atmospheric Environment

· Planetary Remote Sensing and Mapping

· Cryosphere and Hydrosphere

· Geographic Information Science

· Remote Sensing Information Engineering

· Geographic Information System

· Global Navigation Satellite System

· Satellite Navigation and Positioning

· Spatial Database

· Earth Monitoring and Mapping

· Space Technology and Landscape

· Classification and Data Mining Techniques

· Image Processing Technology

· Hyperspectral Image Processing

· Remote Sensing Data Fusion

· Global Positioning and Navigation System

· Remote Sensing Data Quality

· Analysis of Remote Sensing Models

Application of Remote Sensing Technology

· Remote Sensing Monitoring of Carbon Neutrality and Emissions

· Remote Sensing Monitoring of Key Climate Factors of Global Change

· National Monitoring (Land, Agriculture and Forestry, Minerals, Environment, Geology, Ocean, Meteorology, etc.)

· Remote Sensing, GIS and Navigation and Positioning System (3S) Integration and Application

· Natural Disasters and Monitoring and Emergency Management

· Meteorological Application

· Marine Applications

· Agriculture and Forestry Applications

· Ecological and environmental Applications

· Transportation Applications

· Urban Construction Application

· Disaster Assessment and Monitoring and Management

· Global Change Studies

· Renewable Energy Map

· Remote Sensing and Data Interpretation

· Radar Sensor

· Spatial Information Decision

· Big Data Analysis

· 3D Scene Reconstruction

· Range Image Processing

· Virtual Globe and its Application

· Global Satellite Navigation System and its Application

· GPS Application

· Web GIS / Mobile Mapping

· Marine Communication

Sustainable Maritime Communications

· Intelligent Maritime Communications

· 5G for Marine Applications

· Green Communications for Marine Applications

· Maritime Satellite Communications

· Underwater Acoustic Communications

· Channel Modeling for Maritime Communications

· Underwater Visible Light Communications

· Maritime Emergency Communications

· Maritime Localization and Navigation Techniques

· E-navigation

· AI-enabled Maritime Networks

· Maritime IoT

· Maritime Ad-hoc Networks

· Maritime Wireless Sensor Networks

· Space-air-ground-sea Cooperation Networking

· Big Data for Marine Applications