2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Geology, Mapping and Remote Sensing (IEEE-ICGMRS 2022)
Prof. Shenming Gu

Prof. Shenming Gu


Prof. Shenming Gu

Zhejiang Ocean University, China

Shenming Gu, Professor, Master Supervisor, is currently the Deputy Dean of the School of Information Engineering, Zhejiang Ocean University. He was selected into the “New Century 151 Talent Project” in Zhejiang Province and the “New Century 111 Talent Project” in Zhoushan City. He mainly engaged in the teaching and research of computer science and technology. His research directions include granular computing, rough set, data mining and deep learning. He has participated in or presided over more than ten provincial and ministerial projects such as the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the Major Projects of the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and the Zhejiang Natural Fund Project. He published more than 60 papers in foreign academic journals, such as “Information Sciences”, “International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics”, “Fundamenta Informaticae”, “Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence”, and domestic journals, like “Computer Research and Development”, “Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence”, and “Computer Science”, as well as international conferences, among which, more than 30 papers were included in SCI, EI, and ISTP. He has obtained more than 30 authorized patents, eight software copyright registrations, a scientific research achievement award of Zhejiang colleges and universities and edited five textbooks. His part-time job in social academic organizations include: serving as the Deputy Secretary-General of the Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence.

顾沈明 教授


顾沈明,教授,硕士生导师,现任浙江海洋大学信息工程学院副院长。入选浙江省“新世纪151人才工程”和舟山市“新世纪111人才工程”。主要从事计算机科学与技术的教学与研究工作,研究方向包括粒计算、粗糙集、数据挖掘和深度学习等。先后参与或主持国家自然科学基金、浙江省科技厅重大项目、浙江省自然基金项目等省部级课题10余项,在《Information Sciences》、《International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics》、《Fundamenta Informaticae》、《Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence》、《计算机研究与发展》、《模式识别与人工智能》、《计算机科学》等国内外学术期刊、以及国际会议上发表60余篇论文,其中被SCI、EI、ISTP收录30余篇。获授权专利30余项、软件著作权登记8项;获得浙江省高校科研成果奖1项;主编教材5部。社会学术团体兼职:中国人工智能学会粒计算与知识发现专业委员会副秘书长。