2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Geology, Mapping and Remote Sensing (IEEE-ICGMRS 2022)
Prof. Fei Meng

Prof. Fei Meng


Prof. Fei Meng

Shandong Jianzhu University, China

Fei Meng, Ph.D., Professor, Doctoral Supervisor, is the key Post Professor of Shandong Jianzhu University, and currently serves as the Dean of the School of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information of Shandong Jianzhu University. He mainly engaged in environmental remote sensing, GIS application and other researches. He presided over a number of horizontal projects, including the general project of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, the general project of the Shandong Provincial Natural Science Foundation, the key project of the Open Fund of the Key Laboratory of Geographic Information Science of the Ministry of Education, the Environmental Protection Department’s “Shandong Lake Ecological Degradation Survey”, and the “Research on the Effects of Temporal and Spatial Changes in Agricultural Drought on Food Production under the Background of Climate Change Based on Remote Sensing”. He published 16 SCI papers in “Remote Sensing of Environment”, “International Journal of Remote Sensing”, “Infrared Physics & Technology”, “Journal of Applied Remote Sensing” as the first author or corresponding author. Meanwhile he published a number of papers in important academic journals, such as the “Journal of Natural Resources”, "Environmental Science” and “Acta Pedologica Sinica”. His social part-time job include: serving as the Member of Shandong Society of Surveying, Mapping and Geographic Information, Member of Education and Science Popularization Committee of China Geographic Information Industry Association.

孟飞 教授


孟飞,博士,教授,博士生导师,山东建筑大学重点岗教授,现任山东建筑大学测绘地理信息学院院长。主要从事环境遥感、GIS应用等研究。主持国家自然基金面上项目、山东省自然科学基金面上项目、地理信息科学教育部重点实验室开放基金重点项目、环保厅“山东省湖泊生态退化调查”,以及“基于遥感研究气候变化背景下农业旱灾时空变化对粮食生产影响”等多项横向课题。以第一作者或通讯作者在《Remote Sensing of Environment》、《International Journal of Remote Sensing》、《Infrared Physics & Technology》、《Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 》上发表SCI论文16篇,同时在《自然资源学报》、《环境科学》、《土壤学报》等重要学术刊物上发表多篇论文。社会兼职:山东省测绘地理信息学会委员、中国地理信息产业协会教育与科普工作委员会委员。