2022 IEEE 3rd International Conference on Geology, Mapping and Remote Sensing (IEEE-ICGMRS 2022)
Prof. Weizhi Wu

Prof. Weizhi Wu


Prof. Weizhi Wu

Zhejiang Ocean University, China

Weizhi Wu, Ph.D., Second-Level Professor, is the head of category B (mathematics) of Zhejiang’s first-class discipline and the head of Zhejiang Provincial Key Laboratory of Ocean Big Data Mining and Application, serving as the recipient of special government allowances from the State Council. He has won the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Nomination Award and the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation in Shaanxi Province. His main research directions are rough set, concept lattice, random set, granular computing, data mining and information fusion. 

He presided over six general projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, participated in three projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, including a key project, and presided over a key project and two general projects of Zhejiang Natural Science Foundation. He published more than 200 papers in “IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering”, “IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems” “Science China” and other domestic and foreign academic journals and international academic conferences, among which more than 80 papers were indexed by SCI and more than 150 papers were indexed by EI. His SCI papers have been cited more than 4,300 times by SCI papers, with SCI paper h-factor of 35, and his single paper has been cited more than 449 times. His nine papers were listed by the papers with high citation rate (SCI citation top 1 %) in the international computer field. He published four books including “The Mathematical Structure of Rough Sets” in Science Press, and his works have been cited by Google Scholar more than 11,900 times. For seven consecutive years (2014-2020), he has been selected as one of the Most Cited Chinese Researchers by Elsevier, an internationally renowned science and technology publisher. He won a total of five provincial and ministerial-level scientific research achievement awards, including a Second Prize of the National Science and Technology Progress Award (he participated in, ranking NO. 5), a First Prize of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology Progress Award (he participated, ranking NO. 4), and a Second Prize of Zhejiang Provincial Natural Science Award (he chaired). His cooperative paper “Knowledge Reduction of Uncoordinated Target Information System” won the first “China’s 100 Most Influential Excellent Domestic Academic Papers Award” in 2007. 

He serves as the Honorary Director of the Granular Computing and Knowledge Discovery Professional Committee of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence, the Executive Director of the Fuzzy Mathematics and Fuzzy System Council of the Chinese Society of Systems Engineering, and the Director of the Chinese Society of Artificial Intelligence. He also holds the posts of the Editor-in-Chief of “International Journal of Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering”, Associate Editor of “International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics” (SCI and EI indexed journals), six international academic journals as “Transactions on Rough Sets” (EI indexed journals), and the editorial board member of the Chinese core journals “Computer Science”, “Fuzzy Systems and Mathematics”, and “Journal of Intelligent Systems”. He was invited to act as the host of conference chairman and program committee chairman of two international academic conferences and twelve national academic conferences in China, invited to give special lectures at international academic conferences for three times, and invited to serve as the specially invited to give reports at domestic academic conferences for five times. As a guest editor, he edited the core journals: Volume 111, Issue 1 and Volume 142, Issue 4 of “Fundamenta Informaticae” (indexed in SCI), Volume 10 of “Transactions on Rough Sets” (indexed in EI), Volume 4, Issue 4 of “CAAI Trans on Intelligence Technology” as a guest editor (indexed in EI), and Volumes 4481 and 9436 of International Computer Science Series “Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence” (published in Springer).

吴伟志 教授



     主持国家自然科学基金面上项目6项、参与国家自然科学基金项目3项,其中重点项目1项,主持浙江省自然科学基金重点1项、面上项目2项。在《IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering》、《IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems》、《中国科学》等国内外学术期刊和国际学术会议上发表论文200多篇,其中SCI收录论文80多篇,EI收录论文150多篇,发表的SCI论文被SCI他引超过4300次,SCI论文h-因子35,单篇最高被引449多次,9篇论文名列国际计算机领域学科ESI高引用率(SCI引用top 1%)论文。在科学出版社出版《粗糙集的数学结构》等4部著作,论著被Google Scholar引用11900多次。连续7年(2014-2020年)入选由国际著名科学技术出版商爱思唯尔发布的中国高被引学者(Most Cited Chinese Researchers)榜单。获省部级及以上科研成果奖共5项,其中国家科学技术进步奖二等奖(参与,排名第五)1项、教育部科学技术进步奖一等奖1项(参与,排名第四)、浙江省自然科学奖二等奖1项(主持)。合作论文“不协调目标信息系统的知识约简”荣获2007年度首届“中国百篇最具影响的优秀国内学术论文奖”。

      任中国人工智能学会粒计算与知识发现专业委员会名誉主任委员、中国系统工程学会模糊数学与模糊系统理事会常务理事、中国人工智能学会理事。担任杂志《International Journal of Computer Science and Knowledge Engineering》主编、《International Journal of Machine Learning and Cybernetics》(SCI和EI收录期刊)副主编、《Transactions on Rough Sets》(EI收录期刊)等6个国际学术期刊和中文核心期刊《计算机科学》、《模糊系统与数学》、《智能系统学报》的编委。被邀请担任2个国际学术会议和12个国内全国性学术会议的大会主席与程序委员会主席,在国际学术会议上被邀请作大会特邀报告3次,在国内学术会议上被邀请作大会特邀报告5次。作为特邀编辑编辑了国际SCI收录核心期刊《Fundamenta Informaticae》第111卷第1期和第142卷第1-4期、《Transactions on Rough Sets》第10卷(EI收录期刊)、《CAAI Trans on Intelligence Technology》第4卷第4期(EI收录期刊)和国际计算机科学系列丛书《Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence》第4481卷和第9436卷(Springer出版)。